‘The Empowered Woman’

I am blessed to have met some incredibly talented, soul-led women through my work, and 4 times a year I join forces with two of them to host One-Day Transformational Retreats focussed on personal growth, self-discovery and self-empowerment for the women who attend.

The Retreats are held at an idyllic venue, perfect for enjoying a truly soul-nourishing day in the beauty and healing power of nature.

Feel the power

Charlotte Robson and Cat Houghton, Self-Empowerment Mentors at ‘The Authentic Girls Club’ and I know how powerful it can be to connect with other women on a similar journey, fostering personal growth, building relationships, and finding support and encouragement to pursue our dreams and create the lives we deserve and desire.

We so desperately wanted to share the experience of doing just this with women looking for something more than a traditional relaxation-orientated retreat, and as a result, ‘The Empowered Woman Retreat’ was launched in 2023.

Each Retreat was a sell-out and received such heart-warming feedback from those who attended, we made it our mission to continue to offer them in 2024

Join us

Meditation, open-water swimming, journaling, walking, and time for self-reflection are wrapped around a menu of nutritious food, an RTT session with me, and a 3 step Self-Empowerment Process experience with Charlotte and Cat. 

All this and a whole host of other magical moments sprinkled throughout the day

If you can feel the power in the potential of participating in an ‘Empowered Woman Retreat’ in 2024, click here to find out more about exactly what you’ll experience on the day, your hosts, and the dates we look forward to welcoming you to a retreat with open arms.

It’s time to become The Empowered Woman you were always meant to be. Join us.

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