4 Week
RTT Intensive

Rapid Transformation Therapy

People often imagine that to free themselves from negative feelings, beliefs and behaviours must take an incredibly long time, but that’s where the magic of RAPID Transformation Therapy comes in. 

As a Qualified RTT Practitioner, the techniques I use mean I am able to move my clients from a position of overwhelm, disconnection and desperation to a place of understanding, acceptance and power in just 4 weeks.

"I worked with Sam on my fear of rejection"

“I was able to release some deep feelings about past experiences where I had been rejected or even physically hurt for speaking up and better understand why my younger self was showing up instead of my now self when I needed to speak up or protect myself…”

We connect

Our first introduction happens over the phone as I lead you through a conversation to ensure we are a suitable match for each other, that you are experiencing an issue that RTT can definitely help with, and that we connect and both feel comfortable entering into the close and confidential relationship that is necessary as we begin your journey to the life you deserve to be living and enjoying.

You commit

If you feel reassured and excited from our telephone conversation about both the potential of RTT, as well as having me as your Qualified Practitioner, you make payment, either as a one-off amount of £595 or as payments of £198 over 3 months.

I set the scene

You help me understand some vital background information about yourself by completing some paperwork which is treated and stored confidentially by me.

We begin

During an hour-long zoom-call I will help you to paint me a picture of what you are currently experiencing, your symptoms, habits, and an understanding of what outcome you are looking for,  and what life would be like if you were able to overcome and be free of your current belief patterns and behaviours.

You do your pre-work

I provide you with a personalised and bespoke audio recording to listen to for the next 5 days ahead of our main RTT session.

We dive in

We book your 2.5-hour RTT session, and I use a unique set of tools and techniques to help you reach a deeply relaxed state that will enable you to focus on past events. I guide you through a process that will help you uncover the meaning and interpretation you created at the time, and the beliefs you formed as a result.

 I will show you how to transform your issue, reframe the way you look at the past from your adult perspective of today, and to move forward with a new set of beneficial and positive beliefs.

The last section of the RTT session is also captured for you as a bespoke, personalised transformational audio recording which forms an integral part of the next stage of the process.

Your transformation begins

For you to truly enable and embed the transformational process, you commit to listen to the personalised transformational audio recording every day for a minimum of 21 days.  We have a telephone conversation 24 hours after the session to make sure you begin this important phase and understand how and why it is so powerful and important to do.

We check in

On day 10 and day 21 after the RTT session we have 30-minute coaching calls to explore the impact of listening to the personalised audio recording daily and to discuss and record the positive experiences that will undoubtedly be occurring. I’ll continue to guide you to ensure you maximise the potential of RTT, know how to navigate any hurdles that occur along the way, and have every chance of achieving the full outcome you describe in our initial zoom conversation.

Your freedom begins

The re-programming of negative beliefs, habits and emotions that you may have been carrying for a long time will finally begin to set you free.

You harnessed your mind – the most powerful healing potential on the planet to create new neural pathways to create real, long-lasting change for yourself, and you allowed your body to release the physical energy relating to the issue that it was holding on to.

Your courage and vulnerability to do both these things is leading you back to connection, a positive approach to life and peace in your soul, and it will have been my absolute honour to have been by your side every step of the way.

This is how it happens...

"Freedom and a sense of peace and calmness"

“I now have a renewed sense of who I really am, my self-esteem has increased so so much and I know that I am awesome, and that now have coping strategies for when I need to use them.”

And what happens if you’d like a little bit of extra help beyond this?

My RTT clients are precious people in my life, and I’m committed to whole-heartedly serving them to achieve their goals, whether that requires just 4 weeks together, or whether those 4 weeks are the beginning of a lifetime of friendship, support and professional guidance.

To do this I offer on-going support in two ways:

Firstly, by offering existing clients additional RTT sessions to tackle new and complex issues, if and when they arise, at a reduced price of £295.

And secondly through offering on-going professional advice and guidance on navigating unexpected triggers, practical tools for managing challenges, and professional support to overcome hurdles as they arise in everyday life for Retained Clients who enjoy 45-minute coaching calls with me every 6 weeks for just £30 per month.

What a difference just 4 weeks can make

If you’re ready to take your first step, I’m ready to create your safe space, so be sure to reach out.

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I worked with Sam on my fear of rejection.

At the time I was in a relationship which was making me miserable and I needed to get out of it but found myself unable to speak up. Even though I had found the courage to leave by the time we had the hypnosis session, the initial naming the issue and setting intentions had helped move me forward. In the session I was able to release some deep feelings about past experiences where I had been rejected or even physically hurt for speaking up and better understand why my younger self was showing up instead of my now self when I needed to speak up or protect myself.

Sam has a really great way of getting through to the deeper issues and help move them forward and potentially release altogether. Since then I have found myself standing up for myself in lots of different ways, doing things I wanted to do but hadn’t had the courage to do and feeling more aligned with my purpose and vision for the future. One last and important thing but is difficult to describe, is we released an issue around my throat which I have had my whole life – not just in emotional symptoms but physical ones too.

I don’t think I would have become aware so soon of this unconscious “wound” which needed releasing without Sam’s help!

Thank you, Sam.

Freedom and a sense of peace and calmness

Sam has given me freedom and a sense of peace and calmness. I contacted her after a recommendation from a friend, who suggested she may be able to help me with a few challenges that I had been facing for many years. I felt I had a clear idea of what those challenges were but it turned out that I was wrong and what I had interpreted as a fear of anything health related where even seeing an ambulance would have an impact on me; was actually related to so many other different things.

With her calm, open, honest and supportive approach Sam helped me to face some of those challenges and view them in different ways and to realise that they were not my fault. I now have a renewed sense of who I really am, my self-esteem has increased so so much and I know that I AM AWESOME AND THAT I NOW HAVE COPING STRATEGIES FOR WHEN I NEED TO USE THEM.

I can never thank Sam enough, after 53 years I am finally me and who I always should have been. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Sam, you will never regret that phonecall.