About me

I’m so excited to introduce myself to you as the woman behind ‘The Brave Spirit’ and to share a little window into the world of the Qualified RTT Practitioner you came to find out about.

Family is at the heart of everything I do and everything I am as a daughter, wife, sister, Aunty, and Mum.  I live in Worcestershire with my husband Andy, daughter Sofia and Cookie-Bear the dog!

Our home is in the heart of a beautiful countryside village and is always a hive of activity.  It’s where kitchen-discos happen on a Friday night, where endless pancakes are eaten on a Saturday morning,  where movies are watched, dog-walks start from, and endless girlie sleepovers happen….and I love every moment of the chaos!

Before Sofia was born, I was a Cardiac Surgery Nurse, devoting my days to helping patients and their families mend their broken hearts (literally!).

Providing support and compassion to people when they need it the most is incredibly rewarding, and the gift of being able to provide hope to those who felt bereft of it was a humbling privilege I loved every minute of.

But then one day my own heart broke and I didn’t know how to fix it.

I lost my beautiful sister Zoe in 2013 when she had an unexpected brain aneurysm and died of complications just 10 days later. Being 7 months pregnant with our miracle baby Sofia meant I experienced the harsh contradiction of birth and death, hope and despair, joy and sadness all at the same time, and grief just seemed to consume me like an immovable shadow over my life for a long time.

And then there came a day when I was reminded that I’d seen so many examples of how a heart can be mended against all odds in the wards of the hospitals I had worked in, I just had to believe that if I could dig deeper than I ever thought possible, maybe I could find a way to go about mending mine, little by little, to help me enjoy the life I felt like I’d put on hold with Andy and Sofia.

So I took tiny step after tiny step, edging ever closer to the sunshine again and through the community and camaraderie that existed in the networking marketing industry I moved into, the wholehearted embracing of my spirituality, and the never-ending love, support, and encouragement of the people I cherish most in the world, I saw my way to discovering RTT and used the magic that it is to undergo my own transformation back to living a life I love, keeping Zoe’s memory alive, and shaping a legacy I can be proud of.

How I can support you

Through my qualification as an RTT Practitioner in some senses I feel like I’ve come full circle.  I feel like I’ve found a new way to provide hope for those who feel bereft of it, to provide support and compassion to people when they need it the most, and to find a new way to help mend some broken hearts again.

And it’s this overwhelming sense of purpose and passion that brought me to launch The Brave Spirit to act as a beacon; a safe haven for people who need someone like me in their corner.

If I’m your kind of person, reach out and get in touch – there’s always room for one more in my community, just like there is at my kitchen discos.  The more the merrier!

Love, Sam

If I'm your kind of person, reach out and get in touch!

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