Retained Client

Community is at the heart of everything I do. I’m not interested in practicing RTT as a way of creating  a ‘production-line’ of one-off fixes for new clients all the time.  I thrive on building, maintaining and enjoying meaningful long-term relationships with the people I serve.

I am 100% committed to whole-heartedly serving my clients by delivering them a solution to re-programme negative beliefs, habits and emotions from their past; whether that requires just 4 weeks of time together, or whether those 4 weeks are the beginning of a lifetime of friendship, support and professional guidance.

This is why I have a community of Retained Clients who remain in my energy beyond those initial 4 weeks together, benefitting from regular coaching calls to provide guidance on new issues that may emerge, or learning how to use practical tools to navigate the inevitable emotional ‘bumps in the road’ that occur in all our busy lives.

"Intuitive and powerful"

“RTT isn’t just about one session it is the support you receive throughout the process and then going forward. You are not left to deal with everything that may unravel.”

Being a Retained Client

Whilst a 4-week experience of RTT can move my clients from a position of overwhelm, disconnection and desperation relating to a specific issue, to a place of understanding, acceptance and power, a desire for an on-going connection with me often remains beyond those 4 weeks.

My Retained Clients also have priority access to information relating to new launches and special offers within my business and enjoy the discounts and extra benefits I save for this special group of people in my life.

"Clarity, focus and happiness in life"

“I’ve noticed changes beyond anything I could have imagined!! This has been life changing for me, given me so much more clarity, focus and happiness in life.”

What does it cost to be a Retained Client of mine? - Just £30 per month

If it would feel good to you to be supported by me on an on-going basis, remaining in my energy, knowing you’ll always have a safe space in someone’s world where you are truly understood and valued, never judged or manipulated, reach out…there’ll always be room for you in my community of Retained Clients.

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Intuitive and powerful

Don’t be put off by the name, Rapid Transformational Therapy. It can sound like a scary concept when you first hear about it and then when you hear more about it, it completely slots into place.

Rapid Transformational Therapy with Samantha is an intuitive and powerful therapy which you are guided through, and she talks you through the session with any issue or concern that you want to work on. It can be used to treat many different conditions be they mental, emotional, physical, or psychological.

I have tried many therapies before and found this treatment to be one of the most responsive ones for me. I felt settled straight away and always felt in control. You just must gift yourself the time to be able to take part and do the work.

Some of the benefits that I experienced from having Rapid Transformational Therapy were

  • Becoming more positive and focusing less on the negative things that were happening and I was saying to myself.
  • Becoming more happier in general in terms of moods and engagement with family members. 
  • Becoming more energised within myself and my own well-being.
  • Not allowing myself to negative self-talk about my body image etc. 

Once you have completed a session with Samantha, she will send you a recording and it is important that you work with this as set out as this supports the recovery process and will then show you the rewards. RTT isn’t just about one session it is the support you receive throughout the process and then going forward.

You are not left to deal with everything that may unravel.

I would highly recommend Samantha RTT Sessions and her professionalism when dealing with super sensitive issues.

Thank you for supporting me and continuing to support me.


Clarity, focus and happiness in life

I’ve noticed changes beyond anything I could have imagined!! This has been life changing for me, given me so much more clarity, focus and happiness in life. We spoke about the changes that could happen, and those that I wanted, and with Sam’s expertise, support and encouragement, and with the work I put in, they happened!

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when we had our RTT session, I had never done hypnosis, but I trusted Sam, and with her guidance throughout the session I relaxed & it was wonderful! Everything just made sense. I came out of the session with excitement & clarity.  I was excited about all the changes that could happen for me.

I would definitely recommend RTT to others, especially RTT with Sam. Her expertise & guidance was second to none.  I instantly knew that she would be the perfect person to guide me through the change I so desperately needed.  She made me feel relaxed & at ease.  It was easy to open up & share with Sam all the things that wanted to change.  Her support was second to none – I often messaged her on WhatsApp through text or voice note for any additional help & guidance.  To anyone who is thinking of having RTT I would say go for it – at least have a call with Sam to see how she can help you, and if you work with her you will not regret it.

I can live life with less negative thoughts & feelings which is massive for me!  In just a short space of time I have noticed a massive improvement in my relationships, I feel happier, more grateful & content in life.  It’s like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders & I can move forward feeling happier in life.

Just THANK YOU !! :)